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I found an old album of film photographs in the back of a cupboard, which belonged to my father. It was one of the only of his belongings that he left behind. It was my first year out of highschool and I was studying Graphic Design at college. We had a subject which was an introduction to digital photography. I loved it - I immediately bought my first digital SLR, and not long after that a cheap old pentax ME Super film camera from eBay. I loved shooting with film, but unfortunately as a student, I couldn't afford to keep paying for film & development. So as it goes - the pentax sat pretty on the shelf for a few years.

I recently came across these photos again on my computer, and it has sparked my passion once again! I do love the complete ease of digital photography - the instant feedback from the screen on the back, and to play around with tones & lighting in post production, and of course, it is pretty damn essential in this fast-paced digital age. But there's a whole nother level of enjoyment & interaction with analogue photography. It's such a delight - the anticipation & surprise of waiting for development, be it an hour, or a week, then finally receiving the photographs, I feel an excitement like it's my birthday! And more than anything I love the happy accidents that film produces, where others might see faults or flaws when the focus is off, when the exposure is not quite right, or some light leaked in, I see them as delightful mishaps!

And though, unfortunately my father is not a part of my life - I feel an inherent passion and eye for photography, which I'm sure has something to do with him.

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